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Title: Photography team looking for members!
Post by: Atkelar on 14.02.2014, 20:22:26
Photoshoot: "Fursuit-Benders" (Posing Assistants)

Are you experienced in striking a pose? Preferably while in fursuit and for cameras? Then you could be a great help for our team at the fursuit photoshoot to help our models with poses and props. You will work in close collaboration with the photographer on the set to guarantee optimal results for our attendees.

Photoshoot: "Lab-Techs" (Technical Assistants)

Do you know how to operate a computer and familiarize yourself with a piece of software over a short period of time? Can you set a digital dial? Are you OK with sorting/handling weird stuff (a.k.a. props)? Yes? You are hired! You will work as jack-of-all-trades in the set during the fursuit photoshoot and make sure that the photographer and the posing assistant have their head on their actual task by running the set computer and lending a helping hand whenever needed.

The photoshoot at Eurofurence is well known for its high quality work and our new team strives to continue this tradition. In case that you are interested in helping us a couple of hours every day please contact