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Title: Android Netrunner
Post by: Jarkko on 14.03.2014, 21:30:15
Hello Folks,
Dunno if anyone has heard of this card game. But i'm very addicted to it and will be bringing decks of it with me.
What is it you ask?
It is the oldest CCG made from the MTG Creator Richard Garfield as his first game and reprinted by Fantasy Flight Games as an Living card game.
It's set in a distance future where Corporations rule everything. Police are bribed. Hackers and Vigilates fight the Corp by stealing their Agendas while Corps try to get them through.
It is an Asynchron Card game where one plays the corp, one plays the hacker. The Corp can play everything face down Assets and ICE (Firewalls) alike, trying to defend their servers.
Hackers try to get into the servers by bringing programs to break the ice or get bypassed.

The other question you'll ask is what is a Living card game?
You can buy the core box and a montly given Expansion and thats the WHOLE card pool. Everyone has it, the chances your opponent has a card you don't is zero! So everything is skillbased!

As stated before i will be bringing demo decks with me along with my regular decks if anyone is playing. And waiting in the games corner for that :)
Title: Re: Android Netrunner
Post by: RealZero on 25.03.2014, 11:57:32
Certainly a great game that I can recommend. No clue if I'll have time at Ef to actually play it, but I might try.
Out of curiosity: Will you be bringing English cards? I only have the German cards myself.

Title: Re: Android Netrunner
Post by: Jarkko on 31.03.2014, 23:15:39
i plan to be getting 1 core set and the expansion cards in english
Creation and control i have already in english due to a misbuy xD
But all other (2 core + all the expansion are in german)
Title: Re: Android Netrunner
Post by: Shaman on 24.06.2014, 22:39:46
I've played it, but never bought the cards. I'll probably be in the games corner quite a lot so I look forward to seeing you there Jarkko :)