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Title: Driving from the UK
Post by: SouthPaw on 29.03.2014, 20:27:01
I'm going to be driving to EF for the first time this year and I'm looking for some passengers. I'll be driving a 1.6 litre Diesel Mk3 (2013) Škoda Octavia Hatchback from the London area and have room for three passengers plus luggage.

I won't be participating in the Furball Run, because being at Maidstone at 0630 is too early, even from London. Instead, I plan on following a similar line to previous years and taking a P&O Dover-Calais ferry (as I get a discount through work) round about noon on Monday 18th, returning around 1600 on Tuesday 26th, with an overnight stop en route in both directions. As such, you'll need early arrival and late departure for the con.

If you're interested, reply in this thread or drop me an e-mail ( or hunt me out on IMs or FurNet IRC. Initial route will probably involve the M25 from Junction 25 (Enfield) round to the M2, but A406 - A12 - A2 - M2 is also a possibility.

Fuel (after the first tank, as I'd be buying that anyway), ferry and accommodation costs would be split evenly. Food and drink is your own responsibility though.

UPDATE (28/07): Full again...Weeks ago, but forgot to update.
Title: Re: Driving from the UK
Post by: Tarkan the Wolf on 01.05.2014, 09:48:01
Damn Southie.....if i've known sooner i would of come with you.... :(
Title: Re: Driving from the UK
Post by: SouthPaw on 15.05.2014, 23:39:11

Looking for a third passenger again, after one of our number dropped out.
Title: Re: Driving from the UK
Post by: White_Dragon on 28.07.2014, 12:04:49
Ok Lads I'm also driving all the way from Scotland,
Unfortunately I not sure somebody would be interested participate as passenger. Therefore I can be only considered and goods transported if you need get some items to EF for dealers den then I could be an Option.

Ho-ever the pick up items need be on the road Scotland - M6 to London or M1 to London, Eurostar, Cologne - Hanower - Berlin