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Title: Demographics Question
Post by: JM on 23.04.2014, 22:51:32
Hi there

I'm doing some research for a piece for (Ursa Major nominated Best Website!) [adjective][species] ( I was wondering if you'd be willing to share some basic demographics info.

Among attendees at Eurofurence last year:
- How many were male and how many were female?
- In the Dealer's Den, how many were male and how many were female?

I'd prefer the numbers rather than just the percentages if possible.

I'm asking you guys, Confuzzled, Anthrocon, MWFF, and FC. The piece isn't about any con in particular, I'm just looking to quantify the phenomenon that sees a greater proportion of women in the Dealer's Den.

One or two of you may recall that Cheetah posted to these forums a few months ago following an article I wrote on a related topic. On that particular occasion, he disagreed with me (which is totally cool), but he did provoke a really interesting conversation. In it (,4880.0.html), he mentioned that Eurofurence is around 89% male and 11% female - I was hoping to get a bit more meat on those figures, and to be able to compare them with the Dealer's Den.

Title: Re: Demographics Question
Post by: White_Dragon on 01.05.2014, 14:01:43
Hi would not be much simple for ya to email to the relevant departments of the Eurofurence or Confuzzled ?

I would suggest you state your request & reasons and email it to:
Eurofurence:  , ,
Confuzzled: ,

All are nice people to talk and helpful.