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Title: Registration Rollover
Post by: Black_Dawg on 12.05.2014, 19:49:17
OK, I had originally asked this question on April 30 in a direct email to the only reply I got came on May 2nd, which had only confirmed my registration payment information.  I sent a reply to that message on May 2nd, which went to Asking the same question again as it was not answered in the reply.  Then after a few days realizing the reply did not go to I resent the question again to on May 7th.  And as of this date I still have not recieved a reply.
I had prefered to handle this off the forum through direct email to the staff, however it seems I am not getting any results from this method.
My question as I will ask again here in the forum now is:
Is it was possible to roll this registration over to next years Eurofurence? Myself and my friend will not be able to make it this year due to a surgery I had this past Jan. I will not be fully recovered till next year.
If it is not possible to roll the registration over then I have a further question I would like to ask regarding my friends registration, and I would prefer to keep it off the open forum.
Title: Re: Registration Rollover
Post by: White_Dragon on 13.05.2014, 22:12:29
Hi Did you received an confirmation to your email ?  OTRS tickets ?
If it not happen I'm sorry it appear the our ISP and mail filter has flag your email address or domain as spam and filter it out.

It has happen to me in past,
I believe the our reg staff will answer it promptly.   
Title: Re: Registration Rollover
Post by: Black_Dawg on 13.05.2014, 23:41:08
Yes, I did recieve the automated (OTRS) messages after each message to, I just never recieved a reply message from reg regarding the issue.
Title: Re: Registration Rollover
Post by: Cheetah on 14.05.2014, 23:36:50
Could you please send me a personal message with the respective Ticket numbers? Then I can look into it.