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Title: Rat meet and greet
Post by: Rattie on 08.06.2014, 16:27:06
I cannot be the only cute little squeaker at the convention, right? Therefore I suggest a rat meet greet, where we can all reassure each other how cute and awesome we are. And how empty the convention would be without us :D
Suggested time: after the opening ceremony
Suggested place: to be determined
We will then kidnap BBF and his camera (for a few minutes), and force him to take loads of pictures of us.... If you happend to have a rat fursuit, it is perfectly okay to wear it ;)
Title: Re: Rat meet and greet
Post by: Token on 13.08.2014, 20:58:02
A quick meet for a photo would be cool. We should find the rats coming to EF, message them on FA or something and link them to this thread :3