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Title: Fursuit badges!
Post by: KyuubiSaoirse on 04.07.2014, 23:21:23
Heya guys! I'm kinda new at drawing anthro animals, but I have been drawing for many, many years, and I really feel like I've improved a lot the past year. So I'm offering up some fursuit badges for you to get electronically or at EF20!

I will be taking 8$ for the drawing just as it is, you'll get the file, an that's that. Complicated characters can add 2-5$, depending on the complexity. It will be fully shaded.

For 10$ I will print it, glue it to a colored piece of paper so that it has an extra, colored border, and laminate it. There will be a hole for you to clip it onto a lanyard and the likes, but no keyring provided. Again, extra charges applies for complicated characters.

Only single-colored backgrounds will be available.

I will draw:
- Anthro
- Chibi
- Feral

I won't draw:
- Nudes
- Babyfurs
- Fetish


I will start with 5 spots. I will possibly open up more once they are done.

Here I'll give you some examples of my previous work:


Feral chibi: