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Title: The fourth GoH
Post by: Pinky on 11.07.2014, 20:15:35
As you may already know, we have a fourth GoH for Eurofurence this year. And that is none other than the amazing Sardyuon, who is flying in from Japan to do live performances on stage and elsewhere for us all. We bid him welcome to our con and hope you will all like his performances.


Sardyuon is a fursuiter performer whose talents are hard to describe. From the faraway land of Japan he has come to show us all his impressive fursuit acrobatics. Agile, daring and breath-taking, he seemingly defies the laws of gravity as he elegantly seems to hover in mid-air high above a rickety stack of chairs. His performances have already taken the American furs by storm, and now it is our turn in Europe to experience the wonders of his talent!