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Title: Eurofurence Limited Edition ALL FURRY Sketchbook!!
Post by: Manthomex on 18.07.2014, 01:44:13
Here i am with a wonderful preview!! This is the cover of my ALL NEW, ALL FURRY sketchbook!! It's a limited edition excusively printed for BERLIN EUROFURENCE (20-25 August).
Come to my booth at the con (search for MANTHOMEX on the map)  to purchase your copy with a FREE hand made sketch inside (the sketchbook feature a white page inside to have personal dedicaces and sketch!!)

But there's MORE!! You can PRE-ORDER your sketchbook right now, to be sure to have your copy booked at already sketched at my table. If you Pre - Order the sketchbook you just have to go to my booth and pick up it!!

And for people that can't be at the con, i have SOME SPECIAL COPIES TO SELL ONLINE!! So, if you want, you can order your sketchbook right now and i sent it at you!!

It's a VERY LIMITED print so, if you are interested, please answer me here or note me soon on Deviant Art ( or FurAffinity (

The sketchbook is 10 EURO (plus shipping, if i have to sent it by mail ) and feature a FREE HAND MADE SKETCH inside, you choose the character!!