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Title: Travel Update - August
Post by: Schakaline on 25.07.2014, 22:23:28
Since the May announcement was two months behind, we'll have the August announcement a bit early to compensate.  ;D

This will be the _last_ announcement on this forum before EF20, any short-term changes will be announced via Twitter.

Travel documents

If you're even glancing over this section - get your act together.
You should have a passport and, if neccessary, a visa by now, if not you're gonna have a bad time.

Remember you should have travel insurance or, if you are from the EEA area, a valid EHIC card. We have to rehash this stuff year after year, and every time there's _still_ some fool who ends up with medical bills at EF because they didn't care about that. Don't be a fool, sort out your health insurance before you leave home.


Advisories about the A100/A113 remain in place. In addition to the large-scale construction at Grenzallee, there is some roadwork for the A100 tunnel going on next to the Estrel on Sonnenallee.
(You can actually view the construction site at Grenzallee on in case you think I am downplaying this - which I am not.  :P)

Additionally, we now have added some information about parking in the broader vicinity of the hotel. You can find them at ; do remember that these will all need a green environment sticker. (You did get one already, right?)


Advisories about Ostkreuz station remain as announced. All other long and short distance disruptions have been added to the online timetable, however it is advised that you re-check your itinerary a week or so before the convention, to make sure your connections have remained the same.

In case you haven't booked a ticket yet, DB is now offering a discount ticket similar to the old Maritim deal, and even better - it can now be booked online, no need to phone up DB as in previous years. Find the deal on - the landing page is in German only, but you can change to any supported language once you've clicked through to the booking system.

Regarding bus and train service - yes, we are aware there is more than one way of getting to the hotel from the airport! The instructions listed on the web site were tailored to cause the least complaints from unsuspecting attendees (though I guess there will be _some_ moaning, as usual). If you feel up to the task of navigating through a city of 3.5 million on your own, godspeed to you. If not, well, you can follow the instructions on the web site or use a navigation app of your choice or just flail your arms or post angry journals to FA... you catch my drift. Anyhow, local intelligence has come up with some other connections you can try when you're feeling adventurous. Give it a read at,5299.msg53017.html#msg53017 .

Air travel

That's all for now - see you in August! (for real)
Title: Re: Travel Update - August
Post by: CleanerWolf on 05.08.2014, 21:09:34
Part of the Grenzallee is blocked completely. I don't know whether this will change until EF begins, but just in case I made a map showing some alternative routes for people coming from the Autobahn A100/A113.
Title: Re: Travel Update - August
Post by: o'wolf on 05.08.2014, 21:41:25
Part of the Grenzallee is blocked completely. I don't know whether this will change until EF begins,

It'll stay this way for at least another year. By the way, the official detour is via Bergiusstraße, Haberstraße, Neuköllnische Allee. The alternative detour via Saalestraße is in the low emission zone and only allowed for vehicles with ze Umweltplakette.
Title: Re: Travel Update - August
Post by: CleanerWolf on 05.08.2014, 22:37:19
Thanx for the info, I updated the map with the official detour route.