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Title: food
Post by: mstrlitamacwolf on 18.08.2014, 15:46:53
Im hungry and I'm looking for great food around the hotel that won't break the bank.

can anyone name some places?
Title: Re: food
Post by: Makarov on 18.08.2014, 18:01:32
down the road to the northwest there seems to be a Chinese place. look's fairly delicious.
Title: Re: food
Post by: Danwolf on 03.01.2015, 13:00:56
After you've left the hotel turn right and not far there's a place where you can buy some cheap and delicious gyros and fast food.
Turn left and after some walking there will be a McDonald's not far away
Title: Re: food
Post by: KyuubiSaoirse on 04.01.2015, 00:17:53
there is a sushi place about 15-20 minutes' walk from the hotel, west on Sonnenallee. It's a bit of a walk, but it's really worth it. It tasted awesome and didn't cost that much! (It's half the price of what it'd be in Denmark, at least.)
Title: Re: food
Post by: Ravusy on 12.01.2015, 00:53:35
The curry wurst place across the bridge  ;D
Title: Re: food
Post by: Sithy on 12.01.2015, 06:59:43
I found the hotel food to be quite affordable -- but it is four star quality and I'm from a country where eating out is expensive so your mileage may vary. The portions are great and you can always ask for a doggybag to take some to your room. I had a way too big pizza and they packed it in an insulated box so my pizza stayed nice and hot *wag* Excepting the French restaurant, the hotel restaurants were cheaper than I expected, anyway.

We went to the Chinese restaurant already mentioned here. TBH we feared for our stomachs for a bit when she threw a cleaning cloth at one of the people in our company to clean the was also deadly quiet with no one could hear a pin drop...that is until she put on the Chinese ABBA muzak...(Seriously weirdest food experience I had xD)


EXCELLENT FOOD! We came back a few days later and the kind owner? recognised us. She doesn't speak German or English too well but she was smiling and going all "ohh you came back", it was nice. The food was affordable and honestly good. First actual spicy food I've had in Germany. Way more than I could finish, too :) The restaurant itself is just oddly quiet and you might end up listening to ABBA muzak but hey. Neighbourhood is a biiiit shady but I just put away my badges and went with a group, no problem.

edited to add: am a bit fuzzy on price details but if I am not mistaken, around 7 EUR got you a huge plate with rice, veggies and meat :)
Title: Re: food
Post by: Honey on 12.01.2015, 13:15:23
I second the chinese. The food was very nice and it was cheap too. And the portions was so big even the guys could not finish their plates! I'm going back there this year thats for sure!
Title: Re: food
Post by: Zen-Aku on 12.01.2015, 18:38:09
The Chinese place, is it this one?,13.447744,19z

I haven't tried wandering that far last year. Sounds promising.
Title: Re: food
Post by: pierrot90 on 02.03.2015, 01:35:37
Café & Restaurant Louis offers Austrian dishes and serves the biggest wienerschnitzel of Berlin. You'll need a companion to finish that meal. 10-15 minute walk.
Near S-bahn station Neukölln (one stop further going clockwise), there is Schillerburger. The Estrel burger is nothing compared to the Schillerburger. (it's also cheaper than Estrel)
Best burger I ever had.