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Title: DS Gamers ? :)
Post by: cranphin on 22.08.2007, 11:47:41
Quite a few furs I know have a Nintendo DS, so maybe many who I don't know do too ;)
I think a con shouldn't be spoiled by too much gaming, but it could be fun to squeeze some quick multi player fun in at some idle times :)

To that end, it would be useful to know:

- Who's bringing a DS ?
- What games will you have ?
- What games do you like/love ? :)

Cheers! :)

Sorry for being a horrible geek :D
Title: Re: DS Gamers ? :)
Post by: Jaypup on 22.08.2007, 22:11:28
I have a DS and too many games for it, can drag it all allong whit me, have to see if we could play...every one in his own room...gues the Wifi works truh several rooms *i hope*...
Title: Re: DS Gamers ? :)
Post by: shirikdraguinea on 27.08.2007, 11:06:42
I'll be bringing mine most likely ^^

Most likely to be found playing one of the Ouendan games or Elite Beat Agents (yay rhythm games!)
Title: Re: DS Gamers ? :)
Post by: Vendace on 27.08.2007, 11:20:54
Probably'll have mine, with Metriod Prime: Hunters and Star Fox Command. I think I have a couple other with multiplayer, but I can't remember right now.
Title: Re: DS Gamers ? :)
Post by: Kisu on 03.09.2007, 09:14:38
Me and wilikki will probably take DS with :3