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Title: Eurofurence 11 - The March of Cambreadth
Post by: Cheetah on 15.12.2014, 11:06:12

Eurofurence 11 (2005) - The March of Cambreadth from Eurofurence e.V. on Vimeo.

This is the only remaining video clip of Heather Alexander's performance at Eurofurence 11 in N├╝rnberg, 2005. (Filmed by the EF Video Crew, Edited by BigBlueFox, Sound Mix restored from the multitrack recording by Cheetah in 2012) It was an unplanned encore, and it took the band, who hadn't rehearsed for this song, quite by surprise :) But, being true musicians, they aced it. Next to Heather Alexander you can see some of the musicians who would later start the Fauna Project: Rajan on Guitar, Taibu on Bass, Axel at the Drums.

I'm very sad that the whole concert recording didn't survive, but that is entirely my own fault. I totally overestimated my own audio engineering capacities, so the audio mix never got finished, and the entire EF11 dvd project got first delayed, then forgotten. Pretty much the same happened with the EF11 pawpetshow recording, although the video still exists, and will be realeased fully before the end of the year, so I finally get this episode out of my system.

I do have a very low-resolution "workprint" of the concert video, maybe I will upload that at one time, just to preserve the memories :) What do you think?