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Title: Eurofurence 10 - The Phantom of the Pawpetshow
Post by: Cheetah on 26.01.2015, 11:49:00
This is an early recording of the Eurofurence "Pawpet Show" from the year 2004, and the original announcement went like tihs: The team that brought you "Medieval Madness" and "The FIA" is back with another fur-raising adventure! The Department of Puppetry Entertainment (DoPE) proudly presents "The Phantom of the Pawpet show", in Dolby Digital, including the most coherent plot ever! Get addicted now!

It was originally released on DVD featuring a full 5.1 soundtrack for home theatre viewing, a directors commentary, and a multi-angle feature that allows you to look behind the stage at any time during the show. Unfortunately, vimeo doesn't support all these things, so this bare bones version will have to do for now :)