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Title: Artist Alley back at Eurofurence21
Post by: Alpha_Ki on 06.04.2015, 18:16:16
Dear artists and dealers,

with this little late Easter egg we want to reveal great news concerning the Dealers’ Den at Eurofurence.

There has been a lot of valuable feedback over the last months for which we are very grateful. We are aware of the fact that there is a strong demand for increasing the available table space in the Dealers’ Den. Unfortunately, due to safety regulations we are legally required to follow, we can’t cram in any more tables into the available floor space.

Hence, we needed to come up with a different solution – and we are happy to announce that we indeed managed to find a way to add about 30 percent table space by reviving an old Eurofurence tradition:
The Artist Alley!

Though we have to set up strict rules for all the artists sitting there, we offer a fair chance for anyone who won’t get a table in the Den or who simply plans to sell artwork or sketches without the need for a permanent table reservation.
Further information can be found here:

The Artist Alley will be placed in the room (Foyer2) in front of the Dealers’ Den and will have 27 extra single tables.
If you have any question, please drop us an e-mail or contact us through the Eurofurence forum.
Title: Re: Artist Alley back at Eurofurence21
Post by: Alpha_Ki on 08.04.2015, 17:44:55
I just wanted to show a little plan ahead, to give an idea how it's going to look like. :)

Plus: The Dealers' Den team is looking for assistance at the Eurofurence Shop and ArtistAlley, setup and breakdown of the Den and the Alley. If you're interested, please drop me an E-Mail for further information at