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Title: Change??
Post by: Fawks Beaumont on 03.09.2007, 19:36:46
I was rolling up my spare change today because I was going to exchange it for bills before I leave for EF, then it hit me that some furs might actually need it for the dealers den.  So, I figured I would just put it out, if somefur wants some rolled change (not for free), let me know as soon as possible, as I plan on exchanging it tomorrow morning.

EDIT: I have over 300 Euro in change, mostly 1 and 2 Euros.
Title: Re: Change??
Post by: Kisu on 04.09.2007, 11:27:38
I just got miself 120 euros in small bills and coins. I hope ppl wont poke with over 20eur ones :S
Title: Re: Change??
Post by: Fafnir Kristensen on 04.09.2007, 14:07:43
doco has marked his >map (< with the post and deutch bank office, they should have aplenty of small bills and coins, though I wonder how they will react to an invasion of furries wanting change. I just hope they wont think its a bank robbing ;)