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Title: EF21: Wildlife protection roundtable
Post by: Shadowfox on 27.07.2015, 22:09:17
One of the two panels I am planning to host at EF21 is a roundtable about wildlife protection. While roundtable events can naturally be pretty ad-hoc, I still wanted to give anybody who is interested in participating the chance to bring/prepare stuff he/she would like to share.

I am happy to accommodate pretty much anything as long as it fits the subject and the timeframe - it doesn't matter if you simply want to share your favorite leaflets about eagle owl conservation or would like to give a five-minute spotlight presentation about the protection of polecats. However, don't feel obliged to prepare anything; I am simply posting this here for those (presumably few) furs who want to come prepared :).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Here is some more information on the event itself:

Our feral brothers and sisters face many threats in the world, a lot of them man-made. Fortunately, there are people who try to make Earth a better place for wild animals. Helping wildlife survive and prosper can take on many forms: Some people care for injured or orphaned animals, preparing them for release back into the wild. Others work to conserve or improve their habitats, making sure animals find enough food, cover, and shelter to survive. Yet others fight for wildlife in political and media campaigns, striving to improve their legal protection and informing the public about the worrying situation many wild animals are in.

The purpose of this panel is to bring together people who are interested in helping our wild brethren – regardless of whether you are a veteran who has actively worked in wildlife protection for many years, whether you are a newcomer who would like to help but doesn’t yet quite know how, or whether you are merely curious.  
Title: Re: EF21: Wildlife protection roundtable
Post by: pierrot90 on 28.07.2015, 01:35:36
Ask Dirk Fussbahn; Wildtierhilfe Fiel is this year's charity ;3
Maybe he'll like this!
Title: Re: EF21: Wildlife protection roundtable
Post by: meo on 29.07.2015, 00:09:12
sounds very interesting and i hope I can make it. As i had contact to a wildlife-conservation organisation in Africa I think that would be interesting for you ;)
Title: Re: EF21: Wildlife protection roundtable
Post by: Shadowfox on 30.07.2015, 21:27:12
@pierrot: I have actually asked Dirk a few months back, but didn't get a reply - I suppose the team from Wildierhilfe Fiel was simply quite busy over the last months. However, the offer certainly stands, and the charity team is aware of it.

@meo: Sounds great - hope to see you in Berlin!

Title: Re: EF21: Wildlife protection roundtable
Post by: Shadowfox on 09.08.2015, 16:56:22
Quick update: The event is going to take place on Friday at 12:00, and Rosi from Wildtierhilfe Fiel ist going to join us.