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Title: Looking for information / business card
Post by: Suicune on 24.08.2015, 11:42:19
There was a ~1,4m well dressed asian guy running around on EF who said he is Chibisuke and who kinda forced his businesscards on people.
I ran into him while I was suiting and he forced one on me in a kinda pesky way, but I threw it away because my suit doesn't have any bags. Since i don't wear my glasses in my suit, I barely could see/read what was on this card.
Afaik there was a mail and FB adress on it and also the picture of a Chibisuke suit where I was sure I know that one. (Chibi is an anime character, so there are some people suiting him.)
But a female fur told me he told her he doesn't have a suit yet.

Can anyone give me a photo/scan of that card please so I can make sure?