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Title: First time going, And alone!
Post by: Hype on 16.12.2015, 23:22:16
Any tips and tricks for going? My mates think anthro is wierd but I don't therefore I'm heading to germany alone.

So, what are your tips and tricks ?!

I want it all!

Title: Re: First time going, And alone!
Post by: gummi_bjorn on 17.12.2015, 19:13:38
just show up with a smile on.
thats what i did first time a d i had the time of my life, met a lot of great furs.
and generally just enjoyed the hell out of the experience. :) :) :)
Title: Re: First time going, And alone!
Post by: Shinji170981 on 19.12.2015, 16:45:35
Most fandom conventions are very open and welcoming to new people, so don't worry about it.
I am pretty sure that you will meet lots of nice people at EF.
There will be quite a few people from Sweden there, so when you are flying to Germany, chances will be good that there are other furries on the plane with you.
Also another way to meet new people, share a room at the hotel with someone.
Firstly, it will save you money and second you have someone who might already be a regular at EF and he can show you the ropes. (not these "ropes" ;) )
 Anyway, don't pressure yourself too much.
Will be my first furry convention as well but I have experienced a lot of anime conventions, so I expect a few similarities and a whole lot of new experiences. ^^
Title: Re: First time going, And alone!
Post by: sneeuwvos on 09.01.2016, 22:18:50
protip #44: Go sit where people are and start small talk. If too afraid; sit next to someone that is alone aswell.
I never go alone to a con, but when I am 2mins alone I often have someone [alone] sit next to me and start to talk.

Being friendly is enough to start a friendly talk.

Title: Re: First time going, And alone!
Post by: urban on 14.01.2016, 19:15:00
It will be the first time for me and some of my friends but you're more than welcome to hang out with us! :D
Title: Re: First time going, And alone!
Post by: Sheena-Tiger on 20.01.2016, 12:45:32
In addition there should be a nice First-Convention-Panel, perfect for newbies to conventions.
My personal opinion, it covers the general stuff very well and of course goes into details about the specific things for Furry-related cons.

I did a bit of research beforehand as well, there are videos about that panel from different years.

Otherwise... I am shy myself and truth be told... 1.5 attendances on EF and I am still overwhelmed. Brace yourself for the number of friendly people!
Title: Re: First time going, And alone!
Post by: Lutra on 25.01.2016, 12:04:10

dont worry. All in all its a friendly convention as far as I have experienced in those years. Smalltalk is allways a good start.
Enjoy it. Nothing to worry about *otterhugs*