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Title: Hello Everyone
Post by: CubOCoffee on 18.12.2015, 15:56:22
Hello, I am fairly new here and the Eurofurence 21 has been my first Furry-Event ever. I would not count seeing Chewbacca at a Role Play Convention as a Furry-Event.
The decision for my costume was easy, since I wanted something which is not that common.
As far as I have seen there were only two other skunks there. Being hugged by so many was a bit strange but it was fun kissing that many girls' hands.
For dancing I decided to wear the more comfortable fox coat. There were so many who took photos of me as a skunk but I found so little in the widths of the net and the movies were even less.
So if someone has a video or some pictures of me I would like to see them.

Next year I will not be there alone, but my wife will be there as a skunk as well (Partnerlook ;D ).

Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: Lutra on 24.12.2015, 11:10:13
Sounds nice. Cute suit :) See you at EF22 :)