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Title: Belgian fur looking for a ride
Post by: HellCharm on 09.01.2016, 22:07:28
I'd love to attend EF but as I just commissioned my first fursuit I don't have the money to spare for expensive plane or train tickets,
I would go by car myself and offer some spots but I drive a rather small car (fiat 500) and there wouldn't be any room for an extra person + luggage.
And a 8h drive on my own is a bit lonely and tiring (plus I've never driven for more than 2h on end so I have no idea if it would be wise XD).

Are there any Belgian furs of furs passing trough Belgium that have a free spot in their car?
Of course I'll chip in on the fuel costs.
I'm from Denderleeuw but I can pretty much get dropped of by my folks at any gas station along the highway so you don't have to get off you route to far.

Finding a ride would be great because otherwise the con is a bit over my budget and I would have to wait until next year to attend.