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Title: Estrel is booked solid, Waiting list is full.
Post by: Cheetah on 11.01.2016, 17:59:50
Hi everyone!

Due to the immense number of requests, our room block at the Estrel Hotel is now completely booked out. They also have closed the waiting list, as they have been totally flooded with requests, and it does not make sense to maintain a list that is multiple times longer than the number of rooms expected to become available.

As always, a lot of people have booked single rooms. If you have a single room, please help your fellow furries out, and take in a roommate. You can always convert your booking to a double room (single rooms are technically just double rooms rented to a single person) and it will save you a lot of money, too! This could potentially free up to 200 extra beds.

What can you do in case you didn't make the cut?

Thanks :)