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Title: Charity Results!
Post by: Cairyn on 13.09.2007, 00:55:47
This year's EF had, for the first time*, a charity, and I would like to thank everyone for getting involved, and for being generous with their donations and their purchases. We had original fursuit heads from Lance Ikegawa, decorative life-sized stands from various artists, plushies, comics, posters, and a few selected, hand-crafted surprise items. Almost all of them made good money for the charity (which you can read about in the con book), be it in the auction or in the direct sales in the Art Show. And there were even a few direct donations for the good cause**.

Despite some initial communicative problems and a few organizational mishaps, the whole charity resulted in a grand total of


Not too shabby for a first-time effort, I think.
A big Thank You from the Waldzoo Offenbach for all the generous and busy donators!

*There were single items for charity causes before, but never an official event.

**Oh, and Lance... it's still just raccoons. Sorry. Them little ones want love too! ;D