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Title: norwegian artist going to eurofurence 22
Post by: Warius on 06.04.2016, 23:28:32
hey everyone. warius here. i'm all the way from tromso norway. and i love to draw furry related drawings. so please listen good. i will be at the artist lounge a lot during the convetion. if you see me there. you can ask me for an art trade or you can comission me. its all up to you. now here is a few things to keep in mind tho. if you want to comission me. buy me a drink instead of giving me money and then i  draw you. you properly wonder what kind of drink. anything with alcohol in it will do fine.

you might also find me in the lobby drawing. if you see me there, please do not be shy to come up and ask me questions.

here is a few drawings that i have made in the past.

first picture is my own fursona. Warius

second picture is from a comission from a big bowser fan

third picture is a gift art to Qing Long

see you at eurofurence