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Title: looking for evrything
Post by: sloppy on 28.06.2016, 20:53:45
i just receved my payout meaning i has enough money to go to EF yay!! this also means i still need everything including my ticket and hotel
to cut down on price i'm looking for someone to share a hotel room with this does not have to be the estrel however this would be nice ^^
also i will be going there by car meaning i have a spot open and there will be room for bagage and in case needed a suit so yay for lots of space ^^
i am from belgium from lummen to be more precies i can do a pickup along the way small detours are fine smoking and chocolate are not alowed in the car

for the ride the first one who asks has it unless someone can help me out with a room and the ride thay will go first

for those intrested i am a male 29 years don't smoke ... feel free to ask more

you can find me on skype (ask me)
facebook : triekels nico
e-mail :

sorry for my horrible typing