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Title: EF23 Con Store looking for volunteers
Post by: Schakaline on 18.07.2016, 23:54:58
Hi everybody!

Your Friendly Ancient Neighbourhood God Anubis, who also -through several downers in his career- happens to run The Con Store is looking for fresh slaves volunteers again, hurray!

We're currently still looking for a bunch of people to help during the peak hours where we get to handle the sponsor item handouts and T-shirt sales for well over 1,000 attendees; working together with Con Ops and Registration to keep the supply of merchandise going, handing out merchandise to attendees and ticking off people's names on lists! Boy, isn't that fun!

So quintessentially,
what we're looking for is someone who:

The advantages:

The disadvantages:

So if you're interested in this glamorous post in our great organisation, hand over your immortal soul - I mean, drop a line to and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.