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Title: Show me your goods! [past EF (super)sponsor gifts]
Post by: Dearlydoo on 06.01.2017, 08:23:46
Hey guys!

I have been wondering for awhile, why not get a (super)sponsor ticket next time?
It'll help the convention, and I'll get some one of a kind goodies from it..

But, I have never known what they actually are o:

So my question is, what kind of items did you get in the past? :) feel free to post, or even show an image! ^^

(Please don't be sarcastic. I really want to know this time.)
Title: Re: Show me your goods! [past EF (super)sponsor gifts]
Post by: gummi_bjorn on 06.01.2017, 20:30:17
well a normal gift is a supersponsor pin, and a t-shirt and some other small items. the bigger gifts i know have been a powerbank made from wood with the eurofurence logo this was EF21 i cant off hand remember what i got at EF23 as the main gift.
i hope this helps a bit.
Title: Re: Show me your goods! [past EF (super)sponsor gifts]
Post by: Vaulz on 06.01.2017, 21:12:03
EF23 offered, next to the standard goods, a rubiks cube with the EF logo and various animal lineart pictures on the different sides. Also, EF22 came with a "grow your own tree" set, if I remember correctly...
Title: Re: Show me your goods! [past EF (super)sponsor gifts]
Post by: Danwolf on 08.01.2017, 20:19:25
I think last year Sponsors got a yo-yo and Supersponsors got a Rubick's cube,of course all Eurofurence themed with anthro animals on them. (If we're lucky they can be bought this year along with the T-shirts) Eurofurence 21 was a little wooden cube with a plant in it and Eurofurence 20 got an amazing EF themed,shiny cop bagde.

The picture is from previous year's T-shirt and the wooden cube is from EF21. We don't know what the sponsor gift will be,I'ts usually a suprise every year.