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Title: EF Badges and other artwork
Post by: LadyFromEast on 04.05.2017, 08:48:53
Hello there!
I have decided to add con badges to my commission offer and also decided to post it here if people were interested in a badge by me. I haven't done badges before, so I don't have specific badge examples. I have many art examples in my online galleries and my art website.
As for badges, I offer the drawing, and I can also buy and send you a sleeve with a lanyard to go with the badge /the sleeve is of A6 format, so approx. 10,5cm x 14,8cm/. I don't laminate the badges. If you want the sleeve with the lanyard please state so while ordering a commission.

I can draw both simple badges as well as specific themed ones. I'd love to draw egypt-themed art, since I love egypt so much!

General art badges vary from $8 to $740. Con badges are $15-$20 depending on size (3'x4' or A6), custom shape badges and bigger than A6 are up for discussion.

For my commission information please go here:
For my art in general and more of my art galleries please go here:
Title: Re: EF Badges and other artwork
Post by: Latharn Keogh on 22.05.2017, 00:46:30
Sent you an Email over your website  :)
Title: Re: EF Badges and other artwork
Post by: LadyFromEast on 03.12.2017, 17:54:44
Thank you so much for commissioning me, Latharm!

I'm providing the images of commissioned badges done for Eurofurence 2017 below! Additionally, My commissions are still open and I will be doing badges for the 2018 edition as well! This time, contrary to the 2017's edition, I'm positive I will be able to collect the funds and thus will be able to attend on my first EF :)

(,100):origin()/pre00/d3b2/th/pre/i/2017/202/6/b/solas___ef_badge_commission_by_ladyfromeast-dbh83d7.jpg) (,100):origin()/pre00/6594/th/pre/i/2017/224/4/9/leonard_proudroar_badge_by_ladyfromeast-dbjsctp.jpg) (,100):origin()/pre00/a86a/th/pre/i/2017/239/1/c/prochorowka_ef_badge_by_ladyfromeast-dblgfa1.jpg)