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Title: Handcrafted badge-bracelets
Post by: Foshu on 18.06.2017, 16:23:00
I'm currently taking orders for badge tagged bracelets, woven from nylon paracord in all sorts of colours~ ( with badge tag of your character's headshot also drawn by me.


For 20 Euros you can have your own custom made bracelet to be picked up at EF, or I can mail them to you if you fail to run into me there (at which point I'll have to charge additional shipping costs). I'll also send you the digital file of the headshot to be used as an icon and stuff.

Contact me through notes on FA ( or DA ( preferably if you'd like to place an order (it might take me longer to get around to you if you place your replies or PMs here, because I'm woefully unfamiliar to using forums). Make sure to include:
- A good ref image I can use for the headshot.
- Your wrist measurements in centimeters.
- Your choice of colours for the bracelet. If you pick two colours, let me know which one you'd like to run on the inside (see image). Also if you have preference of bead colours, let me know, otherwise I'll pick something appropriate.

Materials (colours and beads) come in limited supply!