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Title: Power sockets
Post by: Suran on 16.07.2017, 20:23:44

what tables in the seating plan will have access to a power socket?
(I was moved to a table on an island in the center of the room and need to plan ahead regarding power banks if only the tables on the wall get power.)
Title: Re: Power sockets
Post by: Vulniir on 16.07.2017, 20:34:33
Hey Suran,

Normally, every table has at least one outlet in reach, that's why we've got these massive amounts of Kopplas (triple sockets from IKEA).
Since we've to chain these triple sockets, we ask to not use any power hungry appilances, but for a phone charger or a laptop, that's totally fine.

If you've any special requirements or any problems on-site, just let us know, we'll find a way :)