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Title: LF a Ride to Berlin on the 14th (over A7)
Post by: Jasper on 04.08.2017, 04:53:06
Greetings. I am currently looking for a Travel Share or Ride to Berlin that takes place on the 14th. The time doesn't really matter.
I would be picked up in Hann M√ľnden, that's a smaller town around the Kassel city, it is located near to the Highway A7 and easy to reach from there. I can pay the Fuel after the con by bank transfer or in Bargeld. My luggage is: 1 suitcase and 1 small camera bag.
Please let me know if you are driving this direction and would be able to pick me up (TELEGRAM: @spykid128). I would be very thankful if you can do this and really appreciate it.