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Title: [closed] - 2017 /EF23 Super-Early-Arrival fursuit event "Filmpark Babelsberg"
Post by: Mystifur on 09.08.2017, 17:50:50
CLOSED ! 2017 !

Dear fursuiters,
for those of you already arriving on monday, or very early tuesday, there is a special fursuit outing availability.

The "Filmpark Babelsberg" is small crossover between Theme-Park and Living-Film-Museum.
They have invited Eurofurence fursuiters (and their handler) on Early-Arrival-Tuesday into their Park for a small event and parade.
Admittance to the park, and (limited) bus transfer are free of charge for this event ! (

The park is about 45 minutes from the hotel by car. Limited seats for a free bus shuttle are available.

- If you want to take part, you have to contact us, so we can estimate the number of people taking part.
- There is only 1 Bus scheduled for the trip. You need to reserve a seat for this. Seats go fursuiters first.
- Fursuiters going by car can bring one spotter each, also free of charge.
- On site, a separate hall is reserved for you as changing room / fursuit lounge.
- Water will be provided in the lounge and during the parade
- Their staff is trained in first-aid, should the need arise.

If you are sure you are ready to go on tuesday morning and want to take part, please send a telegram or tweet to [DELETED] and list:
Your name, reg number, fursuit name, if you would like a bus place or are going by car and if you want to bring a helper.

Due to limited spaces, requesting a bus seat does NOT automatically secure you a place. We will reply asap to let you know if you got one.

11:00 Bus Departure from Hotel. Travel is about 45-60 min
12:00 Suiting up
12:30 Arrival of Press/Media for photos, parade a.s.o.
          After that you can roam the park on your own or visit the shows.
15:00 Departure, bus return trip
16:00 Arrival at Estrel Hotel.

If you are not in the bus by 10:55, we will give empty seats to someone else.
If you are not in the bus at 15:00 for the return trip, the bus will leave without you.
This event is 1 day BEFORE Eurofurence.
Title: Re: Super-Early-Arrival fursuit event "Filmpark Babelsberg" on Tuesday morning
Post by: CubOCoffee on 27.01.2018, 11:53:17
Is it in the stars, that this event will be happening again this year?
What does your magic crystal ball tell you?
Title: Re: Super-Early-Arrival fursuit event "Filmpark Babelsberg" on Tuesday morning
Post by: Mystifur on 29.01.2018, 00:15:37
We have no information on this topic yet.
There will be a proper announcement, as soon as we know.