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Title: EF23 Show your badge
Post by: nobs on 22.08.2017, 09:52:24
Marin: As in the past years: Really good food and friendly service. A little confused when it comes to wine. But this is maybe my fault: Ordering something that is not on the menu ;-)

Shaan: Food is ok, but the service is on the lowest level: very slow and the waiter does not know the food, mixes up dishes and the "show your badges"-discount is really not worth mentioning. This is definitely a "no go" recommendation.
Title: Re: EF23 Show your badge
Post by: woo on 23.08.2017, 02:31:13
No idea what is wrong this year with the Shaan team... their food is great as always, but their new waiters are slooow as hell. Only go there if you have time.. (like, 2 hours for dinner, not including the walk)
Title: Re: EF23 Show your badge
Post by: MrEvers on 23.08.2017, 15:13:30
I wanted to try Shaan, but when I didn't even have a menu after 20 minutes, and the people at the table next to me were apparently still waiting to order, I left.

I think there must be more places to be persuaded to give an extra. For example: "Das Pi" offered great pizza, burgers and pasta at very reasonable prices and had furries at their tables every day. "hip" and "modern" come to mind to describe it, they seemed like the kind of people that would gladly promote themselves to us.
(too bad the little Thai place was closed for the exact time of the convention, not sure if that a coincidence or not)
Title: Re: EF23 Show your badge
Post by: Fafnir Kristensen on 23.08.2017, 20:33:22
Shaan was a total mess last year already, so this year we simply didnt go there at all, for the better reading your comments.

I can understand you make some management mistake one year, but 2 ? they are simply retarded ...