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Title: EF23 Hotel restaurants
Post by: nobs on 22.08.2017, 10:05:37
Steak House / Grill:  We head very good steaks, but they were not as described in the menu. I can live with this, but maybe they should improve their standard in that respect a little. But a decent sommelier is really missing in a restaurant of that (price-) class. To decant a bottle of wine is not that difficult. A waiter telling a lot of stories about it and then doing it in the wrongest way possible was really a surprising experience to me.

Estrel Stuben: Very good food with a very good service. They even tell you honestly when the kitchen is over-loaded. I really do recommend this location.

Breakfast: Best stuff of all kind and a quick, friendly and responsive service. Just a little note: "This is nothing I can do about" is the wrong answer. Even a temporary worker should know that.

And before someone gives the standard answer about this topic: Yes, I did mention this directly to the hotel ;-)
Title: Re: EF23 Hotel restaurants
Post by: woo on 23.08.2017, 02:38:29
I find most prices in the hotel bars and restaurants outrageous, and avoid them as much as I can.
12 Euros for a small salami pizza at Portofino, or 7 Euros for a 0,5l coke at the campfire stands.. seriously?! I can get a sixpack of 1l bottles at Netto for that price.
If they dropped the prices a bit, they would probably find a significant increase in customers..
Title: Re: EF23 Hotel restaurants
Post by: draconigen on 23.08.2017, 11:54:06
"There are three kinds of sweat at EF: Fursuiting, Sauna and the newly renovated Estrel Stube". The food itself surpassed my expectations; well served after a fair waiting time and very delicious. If only they'd thought of installing some conditioning! The new design caused all heat from crowd, food and even kitchen, to pile up with barely a way to vent, to the point I was wondering what's hotter: my food, or me.

During that meal I shared a picture of my plate with someone currently sitting in The Grill, and boy, my plate looked so much more lovingly prepared than theirs. What I saw was basically a sad little steak on a plate with no decoration besides some potato wedges.
Title: Re: EF23 Hotel restaurants
Post by: Jorinda on 23.08.2017, 12:43:58
The Biergarten BBQ team sold me the saddest grilled cheese. It was a large tinfoil wrap, and turned out to be about two spoonfuls of cheese inside.
Sadly, I didn't have time to try more restaurants in the hotel.

7 Euros for a 0,5l coke at the campfire stands.. seriously?! I can get a sixpack of 1l bottles at Netto for that price.
It's a matter of paying the person who serves it at least minimum wage. And providing a beer garden for you, which also costs them some tax and maintenance of the whole place (assuming the hotel owns the ground).
Letting you drink your 1€ Netto coke in their Biergarten is not what they usually do. Usually you do pay extra for using a nice place and service.
Title: Re: EF23 Hotel restaurants
Post by: Sheena-Tiger on 23.08.2017, 13:50:04
I can agree, the decoration on my plate for the order I had placed from "Grill" was lacking... but the meat they served... Honestly, I can't remember a taste like that even from any Steakhouse I ever was which should be specialized.

The issue of pricing... well... There is a reason why I save a lil of my money to visit/test 1 Restaurant each year but otherwise avoid them.
But people need to understand, they pay for a service, a place... for an experience and in addition to not have to do all the cooking and cleaning and everything on their own.
Try to do the maths in your head... you have to pay at least 3 people for 1 meal... 1 person buys the stuff and brings it in, the cook and the person serving you at your table. The fact that they try to be high class adds additional costs which lands on the receipt as happens with every high class restaurant.
Considering all that, in my opinion, most (by far not all, especially the drinks of any kind) prices are okay.