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Title: Missing!
Post by: Dahlia Felis on 22.08.2017, 18:18:31

Pony Plushie

We are missing our Big Macintosh plushie since Sunday, the 20th of August.

A friend of ours who was working with Consecurity wanted to deposit our plushie inside the consec room, but it went missing. It either got stolen while he was transporting it with other items, or inside the consec room.

Our Pony plushie was inside a white carry box with a big "Build a" logo on it. Inside was also a birth certificate of our plushie.

If anyone has seen it, or someone carrying it around, please notify us immediatly.

We miss our Big Mac dearly and want him to come home.

Dahlia & Vauban

P.S if this is in the wrong topic, please move it to the right one.