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Title: FotoFurNL - PlushLife Collaboration & Random Conphotos
Post by: FotoFurNL on 23.08.2017, 07:10:04
Hey everyone!

I have edited and shared the photos I took around the Estrel lobby during the project.
PlushLife makes enormous cuddly plushies that they debut every year at EF. This year we decided to do a fun collaboration for cuddly photos as they presented their newest design; a fluffy Snow Leopard!

You can find all the PlushLife photos here: (

I have also uploaded my random photos that I took while at some parties and having drinks. Some of those pics have been taken with my camera but by different photographers.
You can find my random conphotos here: (

If you would like to see a bunch of my commissioned Fursuit photography, please check out one of my profile pages here: ( ( ( ( (
If you have questions, commission inquiries or just want to say hello; chat me up on Telegram messenger: (