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Title: EF23 App
Post by: nobs on 24.08.2017, 06:41:16
The App was really helpful. I used this a lot more than all the paper stuff.

Just a little thing should be better: The Push Notifications should also be in the normal app. Currently you can read the pushed stuff just in the moment when it drops in. But when you tap on it you get to a standard info page where the current notifications are not listed. So basically the notification is lost. Every notification should jump to a history of notifications where you can re-read them.
Title: Re: EF23 App
Post by: Fafnir Kristensen on 26.08.2017, 00:24:06
the app is nice, though somehow I could not watch the maps in landscape mode, for some reason. am I the only one who had that issue?

also it would be nice if the filtering could be stacked, as in filter by day, then filter by room, to get one room track on a certain day

though somehow I found the paper version of the time track more readable than the app, though I havent analysed exactly why yet
Title: Re: EF23 App
Post by: Schorse on 26.08.2017, 11:09:18
The map for the DD would have been nice, IF you could zoom into it deep enough...
I know my eyes are bad, but it was unreadable. :-\