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Title: My Artwork
Post by: Sketchkat/Tiggie on 24.01.2008, 11:08:02
... or rather, my works-in-progresses, ideas and quite obviously sketches :P
hence my name 'Sketchkat'

It's not that I don't like colour, I just don't like to cover structure lines so that people can see through thought processes :)

Kinda new to the commission side of it, but I'm a lifetime self-taught artist :D

I've been told I'm good many times, but obviously I can't see it that way, I drew it ;) so that's why I'm not too confident on having commissions, as I'd obviously spend ages on it compared with my normal art xD

here's the 'good' gallery: (
Title: Re: My Artwork
Post by: Yamavu on 01.02.2008, 11:06:15
nice work

Lynxes are just cute  :D