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Title: Cliks?
Post by: Fawks Beaumont on 24.01.2008, 12:35:36
This was something I was thinking about, and hey, it always helps to have something new to discuss, plus, this is a forum that has a great diversity of furs.  Post your thoughts about what you think about the topic, and please DO NOT flame anyone because of their opinion.  Remember, just because someone doesn't think the same way as you, doesn't mean they are wrong.
Title: Re: Cliks?
Post by: Spikester on 24.01.2008, 13:54:28
I would say there are more large furry "groups" rather than small cliques of furries. Especially when it comes to groups like Luskwood and Rocket City FurMeet in Second Life.

I bet if you ask most furries, they will more likely say they belong to a larger group rather than go out on their own or just hang out with a couple other suiters.
Title: Re: Cliks?
Post by: K9Primate on 24.01.2008, 19:30:33
Interesting topic.
In my experience there is indeed a certain amount of grouping going on amongst the community.
Some furries tend to stick to a certain group, while others don't.
Basically I'm not picky with whom I hang around with, though (mostly) unwittingly I do discriminate.
I've opted for answer number three.