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Title: New key cards for Estrel rooms
Post by: o'wolf on 31.07.2018, 10:39:07
We've got word that the Estrel hotel has changed their room key system from magnet stripe cards to RFID cards.

There are two reasons for this: first, we don't know the exact specifications of the cards being used yet. Second, RFID cards are significantly more expensive than magnet stripe cards and we haven't allocated enough budget to provide our own cards this year. Also, we'd rather like to spend your entrance fees on programming and events than on a comparatively expensive gimmick.

The new cards should be significantly less hassle than the old ones.


Please DO NOT PUNCH HOLES into RFID cards, it will destroy the antenna and thus the card. We plan to get some card holders similar to those you might know from Confuzzled or NordicFuzzCon, and sell them at their nominal value at the convention store.

Also, as the cards are owned and provided by the hotel, please return the key cards to the hotel at departure.