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Title: [EF25] Road Trip from London
Post by: SouthPaw on 10.01.2019, 21:59:09
Having skipped EF24 to sample the delights of Nordic FuzzCon, I'm back with a vengeance for EF25...which can only mean one thing: road trip! The vehicle in question is a 16 plate Škoda Octavia Estate, thus has plenty of luggage capacity.

I have yet to nail down a route, but I'm currently leaning towards Harwich - Hook of Holland rather than Dover - Calais, so as to try and avoid B*****-related clusterfucks. The downside is that this is a more expensive route as it's a longer crossing (doubly so on the overnight sailings, as cabins are mandatory)...but I still get a rail staff discount on it as it's a former Sealink route. A big plus is that routeing that way avoids France and Belgium, cutting 130 miles (2 to 3 hours) off the drive.

Exact pricing will depend on how badly Sterling tanks against the Euro should B***** go ahead (we can but hope for a sudden outbreak of common sense), but previous years have averaged £150 per person based on having three passengers (i.e. a full car). That was for Dover - Calais, however, and covered the ferry crossings, fuel and overnight hotel stops both ways.

To cut a long story short, I'm looking for two (minimum) or three of you lovely people to join me for this jaunt, ideally with at least one person being willing to share the driving. It'll be leaving London on Monday 12th August and getting back on Tuesday 20th August, so you'll need to book accommodation in Berlin from Tuesday 13th August to Monday 19th August (i.e. six nights).