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Title: Con Reg long is "Shortly"?
Post by: VulpesRex on 12.01.2019, 20:54:29
   I filled out the data on the "Start Registration" page, and received the "Thank you for registering, You should receive activation e-mail from us shortly."

   Normally, such things arrive within a minute or so, but it has been 45 minutes now.

   Should I be concerned?  Did my registration application actually get through?
  Or am I being a bit impatient?

   BTW - sending an e-mail to "" gets Mailer Daemon failure message-at least, for me.
Title: Re: Con Reg long is "Shortly"?
Post by: Hurga on 12.01.2019, 22:12:03
Hi VulpesRex,

your email domain is using Yahoo infrastructure these days, and Yahoo decided it doesn't like our sender address today.

Yahoo says "The error is temporary. We encourage you to retry sending emails 4 hours after encountering the error." Which happens automatically, so you just have to wait.

Sorry for that, but I don't have any control about who Yahoo wants to accept email from, and about he reasons why they won't. Your email definetely is in the queue, waiting to be sent.

Sending e-mail to "" should work now, there was an configuration issue related to the Yahoo problem.

- Hurga
Title: Re: Con Reg long is "Shortly"?
Post by: VulpesRex on 12.01.2019, 22:36:18
   Thank you Hurga (and Loewi and Jumpy, should they see this)!

   The situation has now been satisfactorily resolved.


   Our sympathies over the cold and snow (we could use it here in our mountains in California)  :)