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Title: Otawuff looking for a room ! (room found)
Post by: Otakuwolf on 19.01.2019, 14:28:12
Awoooo ^.^ !!!

I'm Otakuwolf, nice to meet you all ^.^ !

I'm currently looking for a room spot for EF25
I tried to book at the Estrel but the con site borking hard and my terrible internet didn't make me get a spot in time so i'm here looking for anybody with a room needing a roomie.

My info:
I'm a 33 years old italian white male.
I don't smoke, i don't drink, and i would use the room solely to sleep and to pick up/put down stuff as i attend the con.
I'm a rubberfur, but i'm also not much of a party kind.
Still, if you want to organize something with friends and such, i'm ok with that, and if you need the room for other more personal stuff, just let me know and i'll leave it be for the time you need.
I'll be staying at the con from the 13th to the 18th, so i'll arrive one day sooner and leave the day it ends.

I would prefer to share a room at the Estrel, but if no other option comes up i may be ok with an offsite hotel as well.
Please let me know if you have a spot available.

To contact me you can send me a message here, or thorough Furaffinity, or Twitter (my username is just the same: Otakuwolf).
Thank you for your time and see you (hopefully) at EF ^.^ !
Title: Re: Otawuff looking for a room !
Post by: Moodge on 11.08.2019, 10:46:31

I can offer you a room in Motel Plus Berlin from the 14th until the 18th for 320€. (80€per night)
Its a family room for 2-3 people so you can invite others if you want.

If you're interested or want a different price please contact me at