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Title: Will there be a Special room rate at Andel's?
Post by: VulpesRex on 01.02.2019, 10:59:28
   This year I failed to land a room at the Estrel (again).

   That's OK - I find the amenities at Andel's Vienna Haus to be adequate, and mostly convenient by S-Bahn; and on the occasions during the week when it ISN'T convenient, EF will (I am told) be offering a shuttle bus after the S-Bahn has shut down for the night.

   But before I book a room there, I wish to know if there are any negotiations between EF and the proprietors regarding a convention room rate?

   I mean, the rates I see quoted on Andel's websiteright now are more than reasonable, but I wish to arrive a few days early to see more of Berlin and saving a few euros per night would be worth the wait before booking.

   And to those reading this who also failed to get lodging at the Estrel, I would like to recommend Andel's Vienna Haus; I've stayed there two years already, the rooms are at least the equivalent of Estrel's, the breakfast certainly so; I haven't been in the Skybar yet, but I generally have enough bier at Estrel's and eat supper there as well, so the only problem I've encountered is the lonliness of the 18-minute journey because I have yet to meet any furry fans who are also staying there, whith whom to share the ride, or participate in any daytrips before the con.

   I can particularly recommend it if you seek a hotel which has no elevator crowding issues and is overall a much calmer, quieter place.