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Title: Greetings for Germany
Post by: Sainomance on 13.03.2019, 00:15:46
Hia, Name's Sebastian. I'm 24 and most likely will be attending next year's Eurofurence since then I'le actually have money, unlike the current state.
I'm a hobby Musician (Long way to go on that one), Make Newbie SFM Art and Try my best at Voice Acting.
Besides going to The con, I'm also hoping to meet furs in my general area to meet, befriend perhaps even.
I'M usually quite bad at introductions, so i guess I'le just put the minor details and if questions arrise they can be asked and answered.
Area of Residence: Rheinland Pfalz

Fursona: Sainomance Blake
Race: Wolf
Fur: Gray
Hair: Black
Eyes: Left Eye Blue, Right Eye Green
Medium Sized Tail.