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Title: [EF25] Creating furries from animals with science
Post by: Pr. Théodose on 07.04.2019, 22:45:49
Hello everyone,

I just got approval to host a science talk titled 'Creating furries from animals - Technical possibilities and ethical challenges'

This talk (a follow-up to the ones I gave at EF17 and EF18) is based on the monograph I intend to publish in the Journal of Evolution and Technology. It will outline recent developments in the fields of comparative neurology, non-human linguistics and genetic engineering that could make possible to create real-life anthropomorphic animals, at least at the 'Cognitively Modified Animals' stage. I will be reviewing the philosophical, ethical, and technical aspects regarding the creation of such hybrids and its societal implications.
Title: Re: [EF25] Creating furries from animals with science
Post by: Pr. Théodose on 30.06.2019, 15:54:39
Just a quick update to say that I finished preparing the presentation for this talk. Here is the outline :

1) What is animal uplift?
- Basic premises
- History of the concept
2) Is it moral to uplift animals?
- Justifications
- Objections
3) How could we uplift animals?
- Preliminary choices
- Genetic engineering
- Other enhancements
- Selection and testing
4) Should we uplift animals?
- Project-centered concerns
- Society-centered concerns
5) Conclusions and perspectives

Also, I would appreciate if someone in the audience could record or broadcast the talk, as I do not have the equipment to do so.