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Title: Looking for a room in the main hotel (Estrel) for EF25
Post by: Pistachio on 12.06.2019, 23:46:21
I'm trying my luck asking if someone is willing and able to share a room at the Estrel together with me for early arrival and late departure.

Short description of my person:
- male (I don't care about the gender of a potential room mate)
- quiet
- clean
- fursuiter
- won't host room parties (would be a benefit if a potential roomie wouldn't host room parties either)
- won't drag other furs on the room for NSFW stuff
- flexible and adaptive

I think, that's the most important info.

So, if you have mercy and are up for a roomie, I'd utterly appreciate to share a room with you.  Will of course share room costs. 
Any further questions?  Ask away!

To get a hold of me just either use Telegram @timberfuchs or Twitter @pistachio_fusky.

Thank you in advance and I'm looking forward to any responses.