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Title: Looking for a ride? (EF25)
Post by: Drakee on 15.06.2019, 14:44:09
So, I have decided to not go by train or bus, because of reasons. I will go by my own car and I am looking for people along the way who still need a ride. My car offers room for up to two passengers plus luggage and maximum one fursuit, I guess.

This is my route:

I am staying at the Amaya Motel from Wednesday, 14th August till Tuesday, 20th August.

My departure in Siegen: 14th of August at roughly 6:30am to 7am, so I can check in at around 12pm.
Departure back home: 20th of August till 10am

I want to safe a bit of money, so cost sharing would be neccessary to get a ride.

So, if anyone needs a ride for the outward journey and/or the return journey, feel free to contact me via Telegram: @darkDrakee