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Title: Looking for a free Room Place from 13. - 19.8.2019
Post by: Crow3000 on 30.07.2019, 19:25:38

I search a Free Room for the EF25 how possible in Estrel Hotel.

A Standard Room Class. I have save only enough Money for this.


I don´t smoking and don´t drinking alcohol.

Languages: German and English ( only a few sentences but so that everybody understand this)

I am under the shame Username on telegram if this is better for you.

It is good if my Room Mate accept if i snore or not snore.

I will only be in the Room for recharging the Batteries from my Digital Camera and only to making me fresh or take a little Snack.

I hope somebody need or search A Roommate.

Or a Hotel close on Estrel Hotel

I have the Feel that nobody will take me than Room mate in his Room in Estrel Hotel.  :(