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Title: EF25 general feedback
Post by: nobs on 21.08.2019, 17:49:13
Although I was very stressed from work and not really in con-mood, which sometimes results in an somewhat "unfair mood" this con was very relaxing and recovering. I found everything running smoothly and well.
The new bathrooms in block 2 are very nice. I like the big shower. The air conditioning worked as expected. I did not notice any real problems with the elevators. The breakfast was fine, the restaurants too. I enjoyed some cocktails from "Reggie".
I did not visit much of the panels. The spontaneous interview with Hella von Sinnen was a great experience. And the charity concert was fantastic again. This time even with an "da capo", for the very first time? And I liked the classic dance.

Many thanks to the hotel and the organizers for this fine Eurofurence *hugs*.
Title: Re: EF25 general feedback
Post by: ZenBlackWolf on 25.08.2019, 13:25:23
Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this year's convention.  :3